Ingenious Designs

Project Description

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  • June 10, 2018

How We Help…

Mary had begun her relationship 25 years ago when Joy Mangano showed the world she can invent products to help the housekeepers and house wives make their lives easier. Mary became very close with Joy, Ronnie (best-friend), and Tony (ex-husband). For years Mary handled all their show services. As Ingenious Designs continued to grow they became part of HSN (Home Shopping Network) and the movie JOY (Joy Mangano). Mary brought Ingenious Designs to Lakeshore in 2017 where an entirely new booth was designed. This then became the “JOY” eruption. A household name in movies, books, billboards, buses, and a famous Joy Mangano. It was our job to make her “granduous” and we did!

What They do

Joy’s inventions consist of mops, hangers, candles, Christmas trees, luggage, pillows, purses, wallets, reading glasses, steamers, and more… All her items are found online and can also be bought on HSN.

Live Preview