Exhibit Design & Construction

The Lakeshore design team attends to every creative detail

Designing exhibits is our heart, our passion. But before we even think about design, we do something equally important; partner with our client. The concept isn’t revolutionary, but the way we do it is. We take the time to really get to know you—to understand your goals, your vision, and your needs—because that’s how we deliver not only a beautiful, successful product but much more.

Like marketing expertise, for starters. We know your show is just one critical piece of a larger puzzle, and we work alongside you to develop creative ways to turn your trade show presence into a springboard to your ultimate goals.

Once that’s accomplished, we focus on delivering phenomenal design. We’re fortunate to have an arsenal of creative talent at our fingertips, each with their own unique skill set. Our team transforms the collective vision into a personalized visual plan.

That visual plan comes to life under the finely skilled hands of our construction team’s master craftsmen. Immense talent, personal pride, and years of experience go into every detail of every project our team touches, from painstakingly handcrafted elements to the latest custom materials. 

Of course, we’re here to carefully store your exhibit until your next show, when we’ll make sure it gets to the next location, safe and secure. We’re just not satisfied until we’ve given our all to make your company as successful as you dream it to be. That’s our dream come true!