People Talk…

One of the things we were asked repeatedly at the NRA (restaurant show) was, “Who did your exhibit?” We were proud to tell them it was Lakeshore! Their team has a way of exceeding our expectations at every show. Lakeshore is a pleasure to work with. They allow us to focus on what’s important to Cardinal, while they take care of every aspect of making us look great.

Our team couldn’t be happier working with Lakeshore Exhibits. We can’t even imagine a better experience with any other company. And, believe me, we will never have to – we’re Lakeshore fans through and through!

Kristen Impastato

Kristen ImpastatoTrade Marketing Manager - Cardinal International


Do I love working with Lakeshore? You bet I do! I worked with Rick and Larry for several years when I was with another company. I changed jobs, but I certainly wouldn’t think of changing exhibit companies. I brought Lakeshore right along with me!

ISI provides a wonderful product and phenomenal service to our customers. With that said, we have that same demand of the products and customer service we receive when we are the customer. Lakeshore continually surpasses our expectations. I appreciate working alongside people who understand our requirements, and can anticipate my needs – sometimes before I do! If something unexpected comes up, they are right there – and, I mean physically right there at the show –to help rectify whatever is needed.

I am constantly contacted by other companies wanting to acquire our business. And, I always say the same thing; thanks, but no thanks. We have shopped around, and we know that no other company could take care of us the way Lakeshore does.

Jeanette Brick

Jeanette BrickVice President, Food Service Sales & Marketing - ISI North America

The Middleby Corporation

With a very, very successful Process Expo behind us, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the extraordinary leadership, support and execution Lakeshore provided my group throughout the year. You have every reason to be proud of your entire Lakeshore team. What a motivated staff of professionals.

From the initial planning stages of build-out design, booth configuration and custom display construction to post show move-out and invoicing, Lakeshore Exhibit Service is consistently on time and on budget. More importantly, Lakeshore is there for us – night-and-day – as a trusted partner.

Lakeshore’s work ethic and creativity tops that of any exhibit house I’ve encountered here in the U.S. or abroad.

I know I speak for all of our brands when I say, “Job well done!” We look forward to working closely with you and your group in the months and years ahead. Thank You!

Keith Shackelford

Keith ShackelfordGroup Vice President Marketing - The Middleby Corporation

Spring USA

Trade shows are an important part of our business.  We do several shows throughout the year, oftentimes with events that overlap one another.  Every event is our most important- how we look, how our booth is set up, the electrical, signage, product display and placement.  Anyone that does this for a living knows, “what can happen, usually does”.

What’s important, as a Show Manager, is to know, regardless of the situation, the show must go on.  That’s where Lakeshore Exhibits comes in.  They are my eyes on the ground when I’m stuck in a plane, or delayed in another city/state and we’re on deadline for set up and staging.  They are my feet on the show floor, double checking our electrical and freight so we’re kept up to date on every detail.  Ever present and knowledgeable, they are the Team that makes it all possible.  If there is something we may have forgotten, they are always ready with a solution or back-up plan to help us look our best.

It’s rare to find the type of partnership we have found in the Lakeshore Team.  We look forward to coordinating shows with them, because they understand our business, the industry, and what goes into these events. Working with them is like coming home to family, every time.  They’re our constant – they are truly our partner.

Julie Gorges

Julie GorgesMarketing Manager - Spring USA

Wacker Chemical Corporation Logo

I highly recommend Lakeshore Exhibit Service for your exhibit construction, install/dismantle, and exhibit property management needs.

WACKER has contracted with Lakeshore for more than 25 years to manage all aspects of our exhibits. I’ve personally worked with the Lakeshore team for over fourteen years, executing and managing 15-20 shows annually.  They’ve always responded to every need and request that I’ve asked of them. Several times I’ve run into major problems at show-site (due to other vendors) and they’ve assisted in every way to resolve the issue. Literally saving the day!

We’ve also had Lakeshore build several new booths and displays. Working closely with the construction crew is always a pleasure. They respond quickly to questions and ideas. They’ve worked day and night to make sure our last minute design changes are completed in time for the show opening. Lakeshore also warehouses and maintains/repairs all of our exhibits, making sure everything is show-ready each time it ships out.

I’ve had the opportunity to see other exhibitors interact with their exhibit houses on the show floor, and none seem to compare to Lakeshore Exhibit Service.

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or phone call from other exhibit houses offering their services. Because of the first-rate service I receive from the owners themselves and the entire Lakeshore team, I have never given any of them a second thought! I love the Lakeshore experience through and through!

Doreen Paquette

Doreen PaquetteExhibit/Event Manager - Wacker Chemical Corporation

Rick and Lisa recently traveled to our headquarters to collaborate on some new ideas for our exhibit next year.  I’ve always felt good working with the Lakeshore team, but I have to say, those most recent days only solidified it for me. They arrived with a ton of energy and really innovative, fresh designs on what we could do to maximize the WOW factor at next year’s show. All of us – from our Marketing Team to our VP of Sales & Marketing, to our CEO – are extremely excited about their ideas, not only for our exhibit, but also our showroom in New York City. We can’t wait to see them come to life!

Lakeshore consists of a group of solid, honest, fair people who pull together and who consistently do a great job for ARC. It’s why they’ve been our exhibit company for years. They have a solution driven, anything’s possible philosophy, from design to construction, all the way through to the conclusion of every show. Even the little things that come up at the last minute seem to just get taken care of in stride.  The ARC and Lakeshore teams work as one unified team, always working first and foremost towards the success for our company. It’s almost impossible to know where one begins and the other ends, which is really terrific. We are completely sold on the Lakeshore experience!

Tom Moleski

Tom MoleskiMarketing Development Director - ARC International

quickie-logo-no_bgQuickie Manufacturing Corporation (“Quickie”), is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative cleaning tools and supplies. It’s our goal to make sure those qualities are well represented at every show. We love that Lakeshore makes it their goal too. Their team collaborates with us year after year to bring our vision to reality. They are vested in our success, and that’s a quality you don’t see anywhere else in this industry.

Rick, Larry and Myles not only ensure that our exhibit looks great, but that it’s installed and dismantled by an experienced, knowledgeable and familiar labor team.  That’s a great comfort to us, because it means we don’t have to think about anything other than where we need to focus – which is on our customers. After the show, Lakeshore takes our exhibit and carefully stores it until it’s show time again.

A great group of people. Excellent designs. Quality craftsmanship.  Competitive prices. That’s what we know we get from the Lakeshore experience. That’s why we remain a Lakeshore client.

Rick Ensslen

Rick EnsslenVice President Marketing - Quickie Manufacturing

Masonite does about 20 shows a year across the United States and Canada. Each show is different; the size of our space, the configuration of our exhibit, the type of show and location – it’s a lot of variables that take an incredible amount of organization and facilitation.

Lakeshore is so much more than a vendor, working alongside us to coordinate these endeavors. They are true partners (and friends) in every sense of the word.  It’s great to work side by side with Rick on our projects. He knows and understands our expectations and continually surpasses them. The experience Lakeshore brings to the table is second to none. That’s one of the many reasons we use Lakeshore Exhibits for every show we do!

Jack Thornton

Jack ThorntonTrade Show & Programs Manager - Masonite International Corporation

Component Design Northwest, Inc.CDN loves Lakeshore Exhibits … period! Larry, specifically, is an amazing man and simply a pleasure to work with at every show, and we do several each year. There’s no doubt he’s a nice guy, but it’s so much more than that. There is nothing that isn’t completely doable from Larry’s perspective.  He’s “No problem!” at all times, even when things come up at the very last moment. Larry leads the way to ensure Lakeshore gets our jobs done on time and exceptionally well. Everyone here just adores him!

Larry’s just the beginning of an amazing team of people. Rick, Myles, our labor crew, and the staff at the home office are wonderful to work with. We believe our experience when dealing with the Lakeshore team is by far the best in the industry. We are thrilled to partner with them and recommend their services to any who ask. We don’t ever have to think twice about whether or not we’ll receive exemplary care and quality craftsmanship. It’s a great feeling!

Shawn DiGruccio

Shawn DiGruccioExecutive Vice President - CDN (Component Design Northwest, Inc.)