Exhibit Design & Construction

The Lakeshore design team attends to every creative detail

Designing exhibits is our heart, our passion. But before we even think about design, we do something equally important; partner with our client. The concept isn’t revolutionary, but the way we do it is. We take the time to really get to know you—to understand your goals, your vision, and your needs—because that’s how we deliver not only a beautiful, successful product but much more.

Like marketing expertise, for starters. We know your show is just one critical piece of a larger puzzle, and we work alongside you to develop creative ways to turn your trade show presence into a springboard to your ultimate goals.

Once that's accomplished, we focus on delivering phenomenal design. We're fortunate to have an arsenal of creative talent at our fingertips, each with their own unique skill set. Our team transforms the collective vision into a personalized visual plan.

That visual plan comes to life under the finely skilled hands of our construction team’s master craftsmen. Immense talent, personal pride, and years of experience go into every detail of every project our team touches, from painstakingly handcrafted elements to the latest custom materials. 

Of course, we're here to carefully store your exhibit until your next show, when we'll make sure it gets to the next location, safe and secure. We’re just not satisfied until we’ve given our all to make your company as successful as you dream it to be. That's our dream come true!

Installation & Dismantling

What goes up must come down. There's no saying more true when it comes to the installation and dismantling of your exhibit. However, how it goes up and comes down can make all the difference to your trade show success.

We speak from experience; Lakeshore began over 30 years ago as exclusively an installation and dismantle company. It's what we did day in, and day out until we became experts at every detail. It's that long history of I & D experience Lakeshore brings to your exhibit, and our clients will tell you—it shows!

Today, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don't typically pull from the standard labor pool like many of our competitors. Instead, we have our trusted ‘Lakeshore crew’—teams of experts in cities across the nation; that means we work with the same people show after show, so you do too! The result is carpenters and laborers who know you, understand your exhibit properties, and bring with them their own arsenal of knowledge and experience. We only work alongside people who care about you and about their work as much as we do.

Even after all these years growing and expanding our services, we still absolutely love making exhibits go up and carefully taking them down—always with the expertise and experience you've come to expect from Lakeshore. That’s the Lakeshore difference!

Lakeshore installation and dismantling

Environments & Museums

Lakeshore Exhibits constructed the historic U505 Submarine exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry

There's something special people experience when they walk through a museum's submarine exhibit that brings our nation's history to life. There’s something familiar in the vision of home people form as they travel through vignettes of one of America's largest furniture showrooms. There’s something welcoming people feel as they shop for their family's weekly meals at one of the fastest growing, progressive grocery chains in the nation. There’s something exciting about wandering through a New York showroom where people can almost see what the product offering will look like in their retail store.

We call it ‘creating an environment’ and we're doing just that for some of the country's leaders in these diverse arenas. From the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, to some of the windy city's most prestigious universities, to Art Van Furniture Stores, Lenscrafters, Mariano's Grocery Stores and Arc International at the New York Merchandise Mart, our portfolio of partnerships is as impressive as the folks we partner with.

Lakeshore immerses ourselves in every one of our environmental projects. In addition to construction, we also provide expert millwork, and even collaborate in the creative process of many of these extraordinarily unique and exquisite projects. Special care and attention is required from—and delivered by—the skilled Lakeshore team! Each unique project unveils its own spectacular environment and each client experiences something beautiful and individual. And we're honored to say they’re also Experiencing Lakeshore!

Lakeshore has become a leader in the construction of major environment installations, around our great city and across the nation. We are grateful to be part of this phenomenal industry!

Rentals & Rent-to-Own

We know there are times when exhibit rentals make a ton of sense, like maybe when you have some pretty tight budget restrictions. Maybe you're new to the trade show industry and are looking to ‘test the waters' with your first show. Maybe your company needs the flexibility rental exhibits provide. Or maybe you're even a combination of all three.

Lakeshore has an array of rental configurations to fit your company's specific needs. The best part about them? After we put our heads together to develop your exhibit, it won't look like a rental at all. Your customers will be beyond impressed thinking your exhibit is as custom and polished as your company!

We don’t stop at designing and constructing your rental; Lakeshore also stocks a variety of carpets & padding, as well as wood & laminate flooring, counters, tables & chairs, stools, and a plethora of occasional furniture. It's not enough to make your booth look great from the outside—we make the finishing touches on the inside look amazing, too!

We also offer our Lakeshore Rent-To-Own Program that's unique to us with financing available. Ask us about it. We're here to assist you in finding the rental option that best suits you, along with the optimal way to help you get it. We call it an enthusiastic partnership with our Clients—our Clients call it a match made in Heaven!

The Exhibitors' HandbookThe Exhibitors' Handbook View | Download

View or download this handy catalog featuring many of the ready-to-use rentals & accessories Lakeshore has to offer, or contact us today for a competitive quote on a creative, customized solution!

Lakeshore trade show exhibit rentals

Graphics & Portables

Lakeshore Exhibits offers graphics and portables

Graphics are the most important catalyst in your exhibit, equal only to the products themselves in the way they tell your company's story. Graphics can tell the history of your organization, convey a lifestyle that lets your customer feel your products and brand or capture attention to draw new customers into your booth. In other words, they’re essential to the success of your trade show experience!

The importance of graphics can’t be overstated, and no does them better! Whether we're capturing your vision in our design work or producing graphics from designs you provide, Lakeshore has the experience to make sure all your visuals are show stoppers!

Portable exhibits always include graphics in some way, shape, or form. Essential to many companies who do trade shows—especially those smaller shows and booth spaces—portables can also be an affordable way to experiment with trade shows before making a more significant investment.

From Pop-Ups to Hop-Ups to tabletop displays to table covers, Lakeshore provides a full line of portable solutions for shows and expos of every size, along with cases to safely transport your exhibit, show after show. We are a one-stop shop for all your portable needs—it’s just another great experience you can depend on with Lakeshore!

The Exhibitors' HandbookThe 2015 Exhibitors' Handbook View | Download

View or download this handy exhibitor's catalog featuring many of the ready-to-use graphics, portables & accessories Lakeshore has to offer, or contact us today for a competitive quote on a creative, customized solution!

Storage & Shipping

Everything is right where you want it to be; we've helped design a fabulous exhibit and you’re ready to go. There's just one more thing to think about—getting your exhibit to the show! Whether you're across town, across the country, or even across the world, Lakeshore is ready, willing, and able to ship your exhibit safely and affordably to your destination. We partner with the finest in the transportation industry; those we know, trust, and have worked with for decades. We have everything under control!

We also have everything under our roof. No need to stress over where your exhibit will live until the next show. Lakeshore stores almost all our clients' exhibits right at our home office or our satellite storage facility securely and reasonably.

We dot every ‘i' and cross every ‘t’ to ensure every last detail is taken care of for you, not by you!

Lakeshore rental storage