Rick Ostrowski

Rick Ostrowski

Co-Founder & President

C: 708.243.1773
O: 708.656.8600

An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. —Dee Hock

Anyone who knows Rick Ostrowski knows he loves three things: his family, Lakeshore, and classic cars—in that order! We can honestly say our ‘numbers guy’ eats, sleeps and breathes this business, and he knows it inside and out!

Rick started out as a police officer, but learned early there’s no business like show business! While working two jobs—walking the beat and estimating projects and running the shop at McCormick Exhibits—Rick acquired a lifelong passion, invaluable experience, and two cofounding partners that laid a solid foundation for Lakeshore Exhibit Services, Inc.

Although it began as a thriving installation and dismantle company, Lakeshore’s clients quickly recognized strengths and talents beyond I&D, particularly a unique and unprecedented service standard. Before Rick knew it, Lakeshore grew to become a full-service design & display house.

Rick proudly boasts over 40 years experience doing what he loves and having a whole lot of fun doing it. He still leads construction projects as the ‘master of the shop’ and contributes to every design with the practiced eye and creative instincts of a designer.

Clients and team members alike will tell you Rick does his job better than anyone else in the industry! He’s both a sharp, skilled businessman and a generous, genuine guy. He calls more people his friends than anyone you’ll ever meet, and he means it!

Rick and childhood sweetheart Donna have three human kids—Brittany, Amanda & Richie—and two of the furry kind, beloved dogs Lucy & Odie.
Free Time
Rick’s office & garage are home to a bevy of’57 Chevys, among others; models he’s built and even life-sized ones he’s restored.
Restaurant: Tuscany’s
Team: Chicago White Sox
Vacation Spot: Italy

Collecting the Classics

Rick bought his first classic car at the tender age of 14, and although his first one is regrettably long gone, he’s had plenty of other restoration projects over the years. Most recently his 1969 SS Chevelle took home a prize at the Chevelles of America show.

Bucket List

Rick claims he doesn’t have (or need) a bucket list—he’s already living the life he always dreamed. So why think about a bucket list when you’re enjoying every day right now? (Good answer, Rick!)