Larry Zuker

Larry Zuker

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

C: 708.243.1772
O: 708.656.8600

If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.
—Will Rogers

Ask Larry Zuker about the past thirty years, and he’ll tell you he has been on one incredible adventure! The Lakeshore team will tell you Larry’s genuine warmth and perpetual optimism are the heart of the company. A ‘glass half full’ kinda guy, Larry is more interested in brainstorming solutions than worrying about problems, and he’ll happily go the extra mile to smooth any bumps in the road. Many of our clients will tell you his unique combination of skill, enthusiasm, and personal attention is a major reason they continue to partner with Lakeshore year after year.

Larry signed onto McCormick Exhibits part-time one summer in college for a single project. That’s where he met future Lakeshore cofounder Rick and a City Manager named Carl, who saw something uniquely special in Larry and hired him for that entire summer. McCormick later invited him to join their internal sales and marketing team, where Larry found his passion and never turned back!

Larry went on to graduate college with a degree in business and a minor in marketing, but his real education—not to mention his magnetic people skills—was gained working alongside Rick and every client he’s worked with over the years. Larry is the guy—the one you want on your project as part of your team, and the guy you want to celebrate with when the job is done!

Larry is devoted to his family and can be heard bragging on his mom, sisters & three amazing nephews—Ryan, Tyler & Kyle—all the time!
Free Time
Travel, whenever possible! Palm Springs on the west coast, Marco Island in Florida, and the fast pace of NYC (especially the theater district).
the traditional family cheese dip recipe

Making Waves

Larry loves the water; being on the water, around the water or in the water! Every year he vacations with his whole family on Lake of the Ozarks where they call a community of cottages home and a boat named—what else?—Lakeshore 1!

True Brotherhood

Larry was invited to rush a fraternity his sophomore year in college. By then he and his roommate had become great friends, and his roommate was not invited to join. Larry valued his friend far more than joining the fraternity and turned down the invitation.