Environments & Museums

Lakeshore Exhibits constructed the historic U505 Submarine exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry

There’s something special people experience when they walk through a museum’s submarine exhibit that brings our nation’s history to life. There’s something familiar in the vision of home people form as they travel through vignettes of one of America’s largest furniture showrooms. There’s something welcoming people feel as they shop for their family’s weekly meals at one of the fastest growing, progressive grocery chains in the nation. There’s something exciting about wandering through a New York showroom where people can almost see what the product offering will look like in their retail store.

We call it ‘creating an environment’ and we’re doing just that for some of the country’s leaders in these diverse arenas. From the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, to some of the windy city’s most prestigious universities, to Art Van Furniture Stores, Lenscrafters, Mariano’s Grocery Stores and Arc International at the New York Merchandise Mart, our portfolio of partnerships is as impressive as the folks we partner with.

Lakeshore immerses ourselves in every one of our environmental projects. In addition to construction, we also provide expert millwork, and even collaborate in the creative process of many of these extraordinarily unique and exquisite projects. Special care and attention is required from—and delivered by—the skilled Lakeshore team! Each unique project unveils its own spectacular environment and each client experiences something beautiful and individual. And we’re honored to say they’re also Experiencing Lakeshore!

Lakeshore has become a leader in the construction of major environment installations, around our great city and across the nation. We are grateful to be part of this phenomenal industry!