Graphics & Portables

Lakeshore Exhibits offers graphics and portables

Graphics are the most important catalyst in your exhibit, equal only to the products themselves in the way they tell your company’s story. Graphics can tell the history of your organization, convey a lifestyle that lets your customer feel your products and brand or capture attention to draw new customers into your booth. In other words, they’re essential to the success of your trade show experience!

The importance of graphics can’t be overstated, and no does them better! Whether we’re capturing your vision in our design work or producing graphics from designs you provide, Lakeshore has the experience to make sure all your visuals are show stoppers!

Portable exhibits always include graphics in some way, shape, or form. Essential to many companies who do trade shows—especially those smaller shows and booth spaces—portables can also be an affordable way to experiment with trade shows before making a more significant investment.

From Pop-Ups to Hop-Ups to tabletop displays to table covers, Lakeshore provides a full line of portable solutions for shows and expos of every size, along with cases to safely transport your exhibit, show after show. We are a one-stop shop for all your portable needs—it’s just another great experience you can depend on with Lakeshore!

The Exhibitors' HandbookThe 2015 Exhibitors’ Handbook
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View or download this handy exhibitor’s catalog featuring many of the ready-to-use graphics, portables & accessories Lakeshore has to offer, or contact us today for a competitive quote on a creative, customized solution!