Installation & Dismantling

What goes up must come down. There’s no saying more true when it comes to the installation and dismantling of your exhibit. However, how it goes up and comes down can make all the difference to your trade show success.

We speak from experience; Lakeshore began over 30 years ago as exclusively an installation and dismantle company. It’s what we did day in, and day out until we became experts at every detail. It’s that long history of I & D experience Lakeshore brings to your exhibit, and our clients will tell you—it shows!

Today, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t typically pull from the standard labor pool like many of our competitors. Instead, we have our trusted ‘Lakeshore crew’—teams of experts in cities across the nation; that means we work with the same people show after show, so you do too! The result is carpenters and laborers who know you, understand your exhibit properties, and bring with them their own arsenal of knowledge and experience. We only work alongside people who care about you and about their work as much as we do.

Even after all these years growing and expanding our services, we still absolutely love making exhibits go up and carefully taking them down—always with the expertise and experience you’ve come to expect from Lakeshore. That’s the Lakeshore difference!

Lakeshore installation and dismantling