Rentals & Rent-to-Own

We know there are times when exhibit rentals make a ton of sense, like maybe when you have some pretty tight budget restrictions. Maybe you’re new to the trade show industry and are looking to ‘test the waters’ with your first show. Maybe your company needs the flexibility rental exhibits provide. Or maybe you’re even a combination of all three.

Lakeshore has an array of rental configurations to fit your company’s specific needs. The best part about them? After we put our heads together to develop your exhibit, it won’t look like a rental at all. Your customers will be beyond impressed thinking your exhibit is as custom and polished as your company!

We don’t stop at designing and constructing your rental; Lakeshore also stocks a variety of carpets & padding, as well as wood & laminate flooring, counters, tables & chairs, stools, and a plethora of occasional furniture. It’s not enough to make your booth look great from the outside—we make the finishing touches on the inside look amazing, too!

We also offer our Lakeshore Rent-To-Own Program that’s unique to us with financing available. Ask us about it. We’re here to assist you in finding the rental option that best suits you, along with the optimal way to help you get it. We call it an enthusiastic partnership with our Clients—our Clients call it a match made in Heaven!

The Exhibitors' HandbookThe Exhibitors’ Handbook
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View or download this handy catalog featuring many of the ready-to-use rentals & accessories Lakeshore has to offer, or contact us today for a competitive quote on a creative, customized solution!

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