Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a great question, and one your company should seriously consider. Though we can’t answer it for you, we can give you a few things to think about:

  • Does your company sell goods and/or services that need to be introduced to the masses?
  • Would your company benefit from the exposure a trade show can provide?
  • Are there trade shows that are specific to the goods/services you offer?

These are just a few of the important questions to be contemplated before making this important decision. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to enlist a trusted, experienced trade show exhibit company. That’s when it’s time to experience Lakeshore!

We polled some of our best clients to help answer this one! They said typically they begin having internal meetings to plan a show at least six months ahead of time (earlier for a large exhibit). The exhibitor manual is usually available 3-4 months before the start of the show on that show’s website.  All necessary paperwork and orders for the show should be submitted one to two months ahead of time to receive any offered discounts (if available).

Paperwork and order forms are just a couple of the many reasons Lakeshore can be a great partner. We’re happy to help you with everything from your event planning timeline all the way through the end of a successful show!

The best size for your exhibit will depend on a variety of factors; your budget, space availability at the show, the size of the show, and the size of your company just to name a few. We understand—particularly if this is your first trade show—it can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where Lakeshore can assist! We help you plan an exhibit—whether a rental or a purchase—based on your company’s budget. Together we choose the right space in the best location available. Once that’s decided, we move full speed ahead to make your show and your experience are the best ever! We turn overwhelmed into overjoyed—it’s what we call the Lakeshore experience!

Absolutely not! It’s your show, your money, and your decision who you partner with to design, create and install your exhibit.

When you work with Lakeshore, arranging show services is just one area where we can really help you. We offer a service to handle all of the logistics for your project. We want you to be concentrating on those things that are important to your company—let Lakeshore take care of the rest!

Yes and no. Yes, because since labor crews vary by city and state, labor is usually determined by the city in which your show is held. And no, because it really doesn’t vary when you work with Lakeshore. We have crews in most cities, which means that no matter where you exhibit, chances are likely you will work with the same group time after time. Lakeshore doesn’t pull from the general labor pool. We have our own crews who know our clients, their exhibit, and most importantly, they possess the Lakeshore standard of excellence. What this means for you is having the comfort that your crew knows and understands your exhibit properties. This helps expedite your show set up and keeps your budget in line!

Well, we can’t speak for every exhibit company, but we can certainly speak for Lakeshore. Our answer is easy—call on Rick, Larry, or Myles! One of our two co-founders or our City Manager are at virtually every show we do. They are there for you—literally, right there—to help you find solutions whenever unexpected circumstances arise.

We can only tell you what Lakeshore does for our clients—we verify that everything is reconciled. We ensure your invoices are accurate and you are being charged only for what you should be! It’s the Lakeshore experience, which means no worries for you!

The show may be over for you, but our work continues. Our team ensures that your crates are labeled properly, Bill of Lading is completed and accurate and turned into the service desk for proper shipping. Most of our clients store their exhibits at Lakeshore, so we care for your exhibit all the way until it reaches our door and we keep that way until your next show.

It’s funny you ask, because we believe that’s what a lot of people may think! It’s true we’re based in Chicago and have built an extremely loyal following right in our own back yard. We’re very proud of that. Truth is, we actually do more shows outside of Chicago than in it! Our clients participate in trade shows across the nation and around the world and we’re right there partnering with them!