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One of our favorite things we love about the Mesa exhibit is the impact customers experience as they approach the booth. M-E-S-A! It’s right there for everyone to see in big, bold letters! Lakeshore has partnered with Jack for over five years. We’re proud to provide him with the installation and dismantling of his exhibit at the Housewares Show year after year for not one, but two of Jack’s great companies. He knows what he wants – and Lakeshore always makes certain his experience surpasses his every expectation!


What They Do

Dedication to quality, innovation, service and affordability sets Mesa Home Products apart from its competitors. At Mesa, we create distinctive, affordable home goods with a focus on entertaining – products that enhance and enliven indoor and outdoor dining spaces, kitchens and baths and better organize your living environment.

The work of our extraordinary ensemble of designers is testimony to the ways in which artistic inspiration can lead to outstanding products with superior design and unsurpassed practicality. We believe that form and function go hand in hand, and bring you the best of both in our collection — the highest quality functional home products available in the marketplace today.

Mesa was founded in New England more than 25 years ago by a ceramic artist who was inspired to bring country living into the American home. Today, we have grown into a design center that influences the latest trends in home fashions.

In our early years, our products had a traditional appearance that was classic in both design and detail. From those beginnings, we have expanded to support and promote creativity through many home styles, while never losing sight of the functionality that is at the heart of all of our handcrafted creations for your dwelling.

When you choose a Mesa product, you are choosing a purposeful product that will enhance your home and make entertaining easier for years to come. We thank you for your business and hope you will return to our website to continue building your collection of entertaining essentials.