Project Description

How We Help…

We’ve collaborated with Simon and his team for more than a decade to create new and exciting ways to showcase their awesome products. Our Sistema trade show exhibit creations consistently inspire positive feedback from the Sistema team, their customers and even other exhibitors. We believe it begins with color. (We absolutely LOVE Sistema blue!) We like it so much, we added blue to our logo, too.   We look forward to each new opportunity to work with Simon and his team. When we pick up the phone and he’s on the other end with new ideas, we like to refer to it as,  “Simon Sez!”  Year after year, Simon says, “Help Sistema” with their trade show design and construction needs. We’re eternally grateful.

Now, if we could just get him to call us up and tell us he needs us to attend a creative consultation in New Zealand, our lives would pretty much be complete!


What They do

Millions of customers in 82 countries around the world use Sistema® products to help make their life a little easier. From drink bottles to lunch boxes, microwave mugs to kitchen storage boxes everywhere Sistema® containers are used people find a purpose that suits their lifestyle.
Sistema® was built on one man’s dream in his garage in small town New Zealand. That dream has now grown to include a team that spans the world. The vision to manufacture a beautifully designed, well made container in New Zealand and ship it to customers around the world has finally been realised.