ARC International

Project Description

How We Help…

There’s nothing better than teaming up with people who continually make “work” … well, not work at all! That’s Tom and the Arc team in a nutshell. For more than eight years, we have pushed the envelope on our collective creativity to design exhibits that enable the Arc customer to shop comfortably and effortlessly. And, it just keeps getting better. We can’t wait for the new year and to reveal our latest “under construction” masterpiece. Our team is having a blast constructing what is certain to be a show-stopping experience! Lakeshore is also responsible for all installation, dismantle, and transportation. Yep, we have loads of fun with our good friend, Tom, and the entire ARC team!


What They Do

ARC International is the global leader in custom tabletop solutions and a leading innovator in glassware production. Founded in 1825, the Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques – originally a small family business – initially made a name for itself as one of northern France’s industrial showcases before emerging over the years as an international group and a world leader in tableware. Renamed Arc International in 2000, the rise of the company is closely linked to that of a visionary family who, over the years, has contributed its ambition, values and stability and who has made technological innovation the key factor behind the company’s expansion.