Cardinal International

Project Description

How We Help…

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder … and every person who “beholds” a Cardinal exhibit can’t say enough about its beauty! The Cardinal group, led by the best-dressed man on the showroom floor, Bryan (who’s also VERY fun – and smart!) wants to make sure their exhibit experience is continually voted best-dressed, too! It always is! That’s the “charge” Bryan, Kristen, and the Cardinal team have been giving Lakeshore and our pal, Randy, for more than a decade. Cardinal also does dozens of smaller trade shows annually, and Lakeshore provides the portable solutions and coordination for each event. We don’t disappoint. In addition to extraordinary design, we service all of the other aspects of their exhibit and show details. Bryan’s not the only one who knows something about GQ – Lakeshore knows GREAT QUALITY!!!


What They Do 

The largest tableware company in the world. A key component of the Arc International global portfolio, Cardinal is part of the largest tableware company in the world. With production facilities in France, the United States, Spain, China, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates, Arc International provides tableware on a truly global scale. Over 6 million pieces are produced daily — and make their way to over 160 countries around the globe.