Project Description

How We Help…

The Masonite name is synonymous with quality and beauty. For over 20 years, Lakeshore has assisted their team in making sure that they are represented at every trade show they choose to attend. (And, they attend A LOT!)  Masonite has come to expect a  high level of skill and service from Lakeshore throughout the years – design, construction, installation, dismantling, storage and shipping. We’re their full-service, one-stop shop. Rick leads our “Masonite crew” and partners with Jack and his team to create high-profile exhibits for their largest events. We then take the large designs and reconfigure them to fit seamlessly into dozens of other event spaces and configurations throughout the USA and Canada.  So much of what makes what we do work so well, is who we do it with -Jack himself.  You won’t meet a greater guy. He knows what he’s doing, what the company needs, and he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. That’s why Masonite named him Employee of the Year. Those are just some of the reasons we call him our friend!


What They Do 

Simply stated, Masonite doors will make your home more beautiful. They possess a distinctive style and flare that can accent a décor and even become the focus of a room or the exterior of your home. They provide arresting beauty, lasting durability and timeless performance. Masonite is known worldwide for innovation, quality products, exceptional customer service and a commitment to excellence. Over 80 years of dedication to innovation, technical advancements and customers make Masonite the brand that builders, remodelers and consumers choose when creating homes of distinction. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Masonite employs over seven thousand people worldwide. At Masonite, employees from all parts of the company understand that people love their homes. Masonite is continually creating new and innovative products that will make any home more beautiful, more valuable and more enjoyable.