The Middleby Corporation

Project Description

How We Help…

For more than 20 years, Lakeshore has stood side by side with The Middleby Corporation to ensure their exhibits adequately represent this amazing company. Over the years, Middleby has grown to acquire many strong brands in their portfolio and Lakeshore ensures each new brand receives the the same attention to detail and expert service that we pride ourselves in providing to the parent company.  Middleby’s expansive exhibits are a mix of custom constructed purchases, while others they  rent. Once the exhibit is in place, we also assist with transporting and installing products, including dozens of massive pieces of commercial equipment.  It’s like a symphony – and, Lakeshore does whatever it takes to orchestrate a masterpiece. Whether bringing in cars that sit on top of machines,  installing or dismantling something,  transporting a giant oven, or coordinating services before, during and after each event…we do it all with great love.


What They Do 

Putting trust on the front burner. For more than 100 years, the Middleby family of food service and food preparation equipment brands has been a favorite around the world. Of all the things a company can supply, none is more important than trust. This is evidenced at The Middleby Corporation by their strong relationships with customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Trust is why they’re the world leader in commercial cooking equipment. They perpetually “disrupt” their industry with advanced cooking innovations that bring speed, energy savings and green benefits to commercial kitchens.

Their products are in one of every three restaurants around the world. And their customers have been with them for decades. It’s all because they don’t just sell products – they provide trust. And they will always keep that prime commodity on their front burner.